Remember the last days President Bill & Hilary Clinton? The flood of presidential pardons and all the accusations that never seemed to end? Well that was when I decided that presidential pardons shouldn't be for just the rich and politically connected and I created a Clinton Replica Pardon for folks just like you and me...
Your name in bold across the face plus in 2 other places in the body type.

Take a look at the photo of the pardon...all those spots that have "Gary G. Carlson" will have your name!

A great gift for friends, relatives and co-workers!

So authentic-looking no one will doubt it its authenticity!

Printed in high quality color on top-quality photo-quality paper!

Perfect for framing!

Hang on your den, living room or office wall!

Here's your opportunity to capture history...and have a great collectible!

Gary Carlson
Wicked Wolf Press
922 Allendale Dr.
Hampton VA 23669

Dear Friend in need of a Pardon,

Hurry and get yours...don't miss out on the chance of a lifetime!

Marc Rich's pardon may have cost him up to a million bucks...get yours for a heck of a lot less! We guarantee you will be impressed with this high-quality replica.

I've created this amazing personalized pardon replica to help you celebrate this amazing slice of history; allow you to make a political statement; and give you a collectible to save and even cherish!

Hang this sucker on your home or office wall and your friends, neighbors, and co-workers will be in awe!

Makes a great gift. Some customers of mine are sending them to all their friends. Nancy bought a dozen of them, had me frame them and send them directly to her friends and relatives with her name and address as the return address on each envelope and put a note from her in each one. What a great way to say hello to your friends. Plus they don't cost that much more than a greeting card.

President Clinton honored many of his friends and relatives with a pardon, shouldn't you do the same?

Believe it or not, while the wording on these pardons is exactly the same as appeared on Marc Rich's pardon and the 170 or so others, my pardons are actually better looking and more official looking than the originals! Take a look at that presidential seal on the bottom right corner, that's no imitation, that's the real thing!

These aren't some pre-printed forms that I print your name on...your name is made a part of the original and pardon is printed out specially for you.

Plus I use a special heavy photo-quality paper. I'll bet even President Clinton would be impressed with these pardons of mine!

Your friend who's going crazy with this official Presidental Seal,

Gary Carlson

P.S. Hurry and order yours today before I get called up before some U.S. Senate investigating panel!

Pardon Me?
That will be $6.95!

What was the real motivation beyond these replica pardons?

We'll, even I'm not sure. Many President Clinton supporters applauded me for supporting him, while many more Republicans saw it as a way to protest what was happening in the Clinton Whitehouse.

But my real motivation was just to make fun of the pardon fiasco and the news coverage that never ended.

As I stated during a 2001 FOX News TV interview, this wouldn't have worked with any other president, President Clinton had this non-serious image that lent to having fun with these pardons.

Now available again... The $6.95 President Clinton Pardon with your name on it!

Why are these pardons returning, after all its been 7 years now? I thought they were dead, but everyone who sees mine hanging on my office wall wants one.

Just the other days my neighbor, John, a lawyer wanted one to hang on his office wall and was tickled pink with it.

It's a timeless piece of Americana that will never go out of style and may even increase in value and interest as time goes on!
Get your own Clinton Presidential Pardon personalized with your name!
President Clinton Pardon in your name
Your pardon will be shipped to you via First Class Mail. Shipping fee is still $2.00 no matter where in the World you live!
If you want a pardon in a different name than yours, be sure to let me know, otherwise it will be made out in your name.
Marc Rich got you can get yours!
Here's your opportunity to get your Personalized Pardon!

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Thanks for your order and I guarantee you will be happy with your Pardon or you will get a full refund!
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Now you can get your own President Clinton Pardon with your name on it. Make a political statement. Give a great gift. Remember this important event in history...
Now you can get your own President Clinton Pardon with your name on it. Make a political statement. Give a great gift. Remember this important event in history...